For those of you who do not know, on Saturday we found out what game our robot will play for the season.  The game is called "Ultimate Ascent".  The robot will be designed to throw frisbees into goals as well as climb a pyramid.  So far the build team has made a prototype of a throwing arm and is nearly driveable already!  The business team decided that we are going to have the t-shirt made through the Van Buren Tech Center.  They have also researched more items for our Bag 'O Swag, slightly altered the button designs, made a couple of game themed buttons, made several phone calls, and have a presentation set up for tomorrow.  

The build team will be meeting everyday except Sunday from now on.  Please come whenever you are able to!

Update 12-18

-Build team worked on planning and mock designs
-Business team finally got business cards to print
-Press Release was revised and Hannah is in the process of sending it to newspapers
-Mr. Green gave us tips from Mr. Roberts of WSBT on how to improve out presentation
-The bag of stuff to give to the judges was officially named "Bag 'O Swag"
-Researched things to put in the Bag 'O Swag 
-We ate pizza and lots of other tasty treats :)
-If you have not please pay your $10 dues
-Kick off day is January 5th, everyone is expected to be at Squires on this day at 10 am
-Rob learned autonomous programming. 
-The build team put the wheels on the old robot.
-The business execs decided on the button designs. They are: The pokeball, the star wars bots, and the riveted C.
-The brochure was proofread and revised. 
-Alec made several calls. 
-The presentation team has a presentation on Friday at 4:00 at Bert's Body Shop.
-Ed Lowe donated $300 
-The Street Team is almost ready. If you are interested, let me know. Keep in mind that this will require additional time commitments.
-Remember that you need to pay your $10 dues. Do not go to Chapman's class with the money, take it to our actual meetings.
Today's Update:

-Val Adams modified the website in the following ways:
-Added to PR page.
-Added Alumni list
-Added Mentor list
-Added new members to member list.
-Modified pictures
-Alec Hoff called several businesses and emailed others.
-More button ideas were brainstormed. 
-Robert Jackson did a bench test for his programming. Twas a success! 
-New additions to the build team worked on putting the chassis of last year's robot back together.
-Mr. Green brought us some tools.
-The brochure was completely finished but not printed. 
-Thank you for whoever brought food.

-Shoutout to Austyn Withers for going above and beyond to spruce up the shop with extra boards, paper, and his sweet sense of style. (Love, Alec)